Sleeper – The It Girl

1,695 ฿

Sleeper – The It Girl
Limited Edition, Reissue, Red Transparent Vinyl
LP + CD, Compilation   UK


A1 Lie Detector
A2 Sale of the Century
A3 What Do I Do Now?
A4 Good Luck Mr Gorsky
A5 Feeling Peaky
A6 Shrinkwrapped

B1 Dress Like Your Mother
B2 Statuesque
B3 Glue Ears
B4 Nice Guy Eddie
B5 Stop Your Crying
B6 Factor 41
B7 Click…Off…Gone

The It Girl B Sides & Demos CD

1 Spies 3:13
2 Pokerface 3:31
3 She’s A Sweetheart 3:30
4 Package Holiday 2:58
5 Paint Me 3:23
6 Room At The Top 3:07
7 Sale Of The Century (Louise Home Demo) 3:14
8 Lamp Light On (Louise Home Demo) 3:00
9 Mr Blue (Louise Home Demo) 2:46
10 Nice Guy Eddie (Louise Home Demo) 2:51
11 Dress Like Your Mother (Louise Home Demo) 2:48
12 Good Luck Mr Gorsky (Louise Home Demo) 3:45



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