Scorpions – Lovedrive  50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions 

1,195 ฿

Scorpions – Lovedrive  50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions
Reissue, Remastered + CD    Europe


LPA1 Loving You Sunday Morning   5:35
LPA2 Another Piece Of Meat   3:30
LPA3 Always Somewhere   4:54
LPA4 Coast To Coast   4:40

LPB1 Can’t Get Enough   2:35
LPB2 Is There Anybody There?   3:55
LPB3 Lovedrive   4:48
LPB4 Holiday   6:32

CD-1 Loving You Sunday Morning   5:35
CD-2 Another Piece Of Meat  3:30
CD-3 Always Somewhere   4:54
CD-4 Coast To Coast   4:40
CD-5 Can’t Get Enough   2:35
CD-6 Is There Anybody There?   3:55
CD-7 Lovedrive   4:48
CD-8 Holiday   6:31
Bonus Tracks
CD-9 Cause I Love You (Demo Version)   4:31
CD-10 Holiday (Demo Version)   9:34



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