Gene – Yours For The Taking (The Best Of)

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Gene – Yours For The Taking (The Best Of)
2LP, Compilation, Stereo, Blue Vinyl , 180g               UK


A1 For The Dead
A2 Be My Light, Be My Guide
A3 I Can’t Help Myself
A4 This Is Not My Crime
A5 Sleep Well Tonight
A6 Haunted By You

B1 London, Can You Wait?
B2 Olympian
B3 Fighting Fit
B4 We Could Be Kings
B5 Where Are They Now?
B6 Long Sleeves For The Summer

C1 Speak To Me Someone
C2 As Good As It Gets
C3 Fill Her Up
C4 You’ll Never Walk Again
C5 Stop

D1 Is It Over?
D2 Yours For The Taking
D3 O Lover
D4 Somewhere In The World
D5 Let Me Move On (Long Version)


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