Fear Factory – Recoded

1,695 ฿

Fear Factory – Recoded
2LP,  Limited Edition, Red Splatter Vinyl     EU


A1 Adapt Or Die
A2 Hatred Will Prevail (“Monolith” Remix)
A3 Disobey (“Disruptor” Remix)
A4 I Am The Nightrider (“Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” Remix)

B1 Path To Salvation (“Purity” Remix)
B2 Worthless (“End of Line” Remix)
B3 Empires Fall (“Collapse” Remix)

C1 System Assassin (“Aggression Continuum” Remix)
C2 Hypocrisy Of Faith (“Manufactured Hope” Remix)
C3 This Is My Life (“Cognitive Dissonance” Remix)

D1 Recoded (“Recode” Remix)
D2 Turbo Factory (“End Of Line” Remix)
D3 Break Off (“Disruptor” Remix)



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