Jason Mraz – We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.

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Jason Mraz – We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
3LP, Reissue, Special Edition             Europe


A1 Make It Mine
A2 I’m Yours
A3 Lucky (feat. Colbie Callait)
A4 Butterfly
A5 Live High

B1 Love for a Child
B2 Details in the Fabric (feat. James Morrison)
B3 Coyotes
B4 Only Human

C1 The Dynamo of Volition
C2 If It Kills Me
C3 A Beautiful Mess

D1 Make It Mine (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
D2 I’m Yours (Original Demo)
D3 Lucky (Jason’s First Draft)
D4 Butterfly (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
D5 Live High (From an Avocado Salad Session)

E1 Love for a Child (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
E2 Details in the Fabric (Demo)
E3 Coyotes (From A Girl in New York Sessions)
E4 Only Human (From the Casa Nova Sessions)

F1 The Dynamo of Volition (From an All Night Session)
F2 If It Kills Me (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
F3 A Beautiful Mess (From a Raining Jane Session)
F4 Kickin’ With You
F5 Happy Endings

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