Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg 

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Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg
2LP, , Reissue, Remastered, 180 Gram    EU
A1 Lightning Bolt
A2 Two Fingers
A3 Taste It
A4 Seen It All
A5 Simple As This
A6 Country Song
A7 Broken
B1 Trouble Town
B2 Ballad Of Mr. Jones
B3 Slide
B5 Note To Self
B6 Someplace
B7 Fire
C1 It’s True
C2 Mr. Minister
C3 Kentucky (Jason Hart Version)
C4 Saffron (Jason Hart Version)
C5 Love Me The Way You Do (Jason Hart Version)
C6 Man On The Moon
C7 Something Wrong
C8 I See Her Crying
C9 Friends
D1 Devil Song
D2 Pretty Colours
D3 Green Man (Jason Hart Version)
D4 War
D5 The Only One I Ever Knew
D6 Swept Away
D7 Broken (Rick Rubin Version)

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